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Longest Drives Ever

What is the longest drive in any professional golf tournament?

In 1974, Mike Austin hit a drive that measured 515 yards. The record-setting drive came on the par-four fifth hole during the U.S. National Senior Open in Las Vegas. Another surprising fact was that Austin was 64 years old at the time! Read more about Mike Austin and his drive here.

What is the longest drive on the PGA Tour?

In 2004, Davis Love III hit a 476 yard drive during the Mercedes Champsionship in Hawaii. In fact, several of the longest drives in PGA Tour history have occurred at this tournament because the course boasts several fairways with severe downslopes. Longer drivers can easily reach the slopes and receive an extra 50 to 100 yards of roll on the ground.

Who hit the longest drives each year on the PGA Tour?

1992 Mark Calcavecchia372
1993 Tom Purtzer388
1994 Dennis Paulson380
1995 Tom Kite385
1996 Ernie Els374
1997 Michael Bradley381
1998 Zoran Zorkic405
1999 Chris Smith427
2000 Rocco Mediate391
2001 Casey Martin409
2002 Robert Allenby402
2003 Jeff Sluman473
2004 Davis Love III476
2005 D.A. Points442
2006 Jason Gore427
2007 Brent Wetterich437
2008 Bob Heintz435

Stats compiled from www.pgatour.com

How can you hit your own long drives?

  • Widen your stance - A broader brace enables you to swing faster while still maintaining control
  • Move the golf ball forward in your stance - This should allow the club to strike the ball with a more upward glancing blow and produce a higher trajectory
  • Tee the ball higher - This should enable the club to contact the ball higher on the club face which also produces a higher trajectory
  • Swing Faster!

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