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Golf Ball Discovered Inside Tree

The strangest golf story of the week comes from the United Kingdom where a golf ball was found embedded inside the trunk of a tree.

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Longest Drives Ever

What is the longest drive in any professional golf tournament?

In 1974, Mike Austin hit a drive that measured 515 yards. The record-setting drive came on the par-four fifth hole during the U.S. National Senior Open in Las Vegas. Another surprising fact was that Austin was 64 years old at the time! Read more about Mike Austin and his drive here.

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Tiger Woods' Greatest Shots

Tiger Woods has produced some of the greatest shots in golf history. Here are our top five favorite shots.

1. The King and His Court

Some call it the loudest roar ever on a golf course. We would just call it unbelievable.

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Golf Course Lawsuits

Recently, golf course lawsuits have made headlines in some strange cases.

Yardage Marker Blinds Golfer

A man in New Hampshire is suing the Candia Woods Golf Links after he lost an eye when his golf ball bounced off a yardage marker and hit him in the eye.

"In the lawsuit, Sanchez faults the course's owners for failing to warn him about the markers, which are used by golfers to decide what type of club to use and how much effort to put into a swing." - Quote from UnionLeader.com

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Golf in Recession

With the economy in a recession, golf courses around the United States are facing a bleak outlook in 2009. We're compiling the latest bad (and good) news on how the game of golf is surviving in these tough times.

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