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Golf Course Lawsuits

Recently, golf course lawsuits have made headlines in some strange cases.

Yardage Marker Blinds Golfer

A man in New Hampshire is suing the Candia Woods Golf Links after he lost an eye when his golf ball bounced off a yardage marker and hit him in the eye.

"In the lawsuit, Sanchez faults the course's owners for failing to warn him about the markers, which are used by golfers to decide what type of club to use and how much effort to put into a swing." - Quote from UnionLeader.com

Shanked Drive Leads to Injury

A women in New Jersey is suing the Owls Creek Golf Course for $1 million after she was hit by a shanked drive from an adjacent tee box.

Timpanaro was sitting in a golf cart near the 16th tee on Aug. 24, 2006, when a golfer at the 17th hole shanked a drive that hit her" - Quote from PilotOnline.com

With the number of bad golfers out there, it's amazing these types of accidents don't happen more often.

Last Updated: February 8, 2009

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